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Sine Strategies Client Testimonials

  • "Good Afternoon, I am pleased to let you know I PASSED in 89 questions first time after your review!!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am but I can tell you how you were such a blessing and an IMPORTANT PIECE in this process!!!! Words can not express all the feelings I am having right now!! I graduated nursing school 23 years ago, tried the NCLEX once back then without success then life happened and I never tried again until now. You helped make my dreams come true. I am testimony that it is NEVER too late!"
    Julia, RN, UDC 1995 Nursing Graduate
  • “I made it!! I am so overwhelmed!! I cant thank you enough !! I am in in utter shock that I made it via the criteria you taught.! Amazingly am an RN. More over foreign trained from back in 1999 and not a recent graduate. Your strategies helped and honestly, I went in with a head full of information.( I knew every bit of information in your workbook and more) and I prayed loads of prayers. After I used you, I passed the PN, AND the RN. Because it has been so long since I graduated, MBON sent me a letter with a list of institutions that offer refresher classes since I have been out of clinical practice for four years now Its a requirement before I can get my licenses. But that is the easy part now!. GOD bless you so much !! You are a wonderful teacher!"
    Irene, PN & RN, Foreign trained nurse from Uganda ,Africa
  • Hello all! To everyone who is considering on taking Sine Strategies for Nclex Prep, hopefully this will make your decision a lot easier. I'm going to first off saying that I am not a good test taker at all. I could never understand strategies and apply them correctly, BEFORE I took this class. I took my school's Exit Hesi multiple times, and I did not pass the NCLEX the first time after doing all 265 questions. A few friends of mine took this class and told me that it is the real deal, and you won't regret taking it. So I did as they said. I took the class, and instantly saw why I was not passing exams. My strategies were wrong, and the way I was thinking through questions were wrong. I retook the NCLEX yesterday, 3 weeks after taking the class to memorize the material taught, and I passed! If you establish trust in the process, you will pass the NCLEX regardless of how many questions you get. I highly recommend this class to anyone who needs help with test taking strategies and content. THANK YOU SINE STRATEGIES!!!
    Cecilia , RN, Chamberlain Grad
  • "I failed the NCLEX right after graduating from nursing school and thought that I could never pass it, I was so overwhelmed! But then a co-worker told me about this class and the test strategies, I enrolled in the class and passed the NCLEX the next time in 75 questions!! The tools and confidence given is beyond anything I have ever experienced."
    Katie, RN, Harford
  • I had attempted the NCLEX-RN many times before. Taking Sine Strategies review was going to be my last hope. Then I was going to give up after this if I was not successful again. I am so glad I tried one more time. Not only did I pass after this review but I passed in the minimum amount of questions possible! Only 75!! Thank you so much Sine Strategies!!! I am so glad I can now work as an RN!!! I am referring everyone I know to you!
    Maureen, RN, Nigeria Nursing Student
  • Thank you again for all of your help and constructive feedback in regards to helping me retool my resume and cover letter. I did not have one interview or a single call back since I started sending out my resume back in May. Then my luck changed… I contacted you and you told me what I needed to include/exclude in my cover letter and resume back in mid-October. I began sending out my revised resume and cover letters at the end of October/early November. At the end of November, I got an interview with Hopkins. In December,I got offered the position as a Johns Hopkins nurse. Thank you so much! I know it was your resume assistance that helped me get that job!"
    Erayna, RN, Howard CC Grad
  • Thank you for sending the concept map and the good wishes for the exam, they must have worked because I got a 90% [Med Surg I]!!!!! I love learning from Sine Strategies. You are organized, interesting, and thorough. ... Again, you make the material understandable to me and I value that. Thanks again..."
    Lisa, RN, HCC
  • 93% [on my Med Surg II exam]!! Whoo hoo! Thanks for all your help [tutoring] and support."
    Veronica, RN, HCC
  • "This is by the far the best way to help prepare someone to pass the NCLEX!!! Thank you for everything! I did it! I passed! Anyone who is questioning Sine strategies is crazy. I did two other review courses before I decided to take Sine Strategies and nothing else compares. This review not only gives you the correct material, but also the confidence to believe in yourself to pass. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!"
    Amanda, RN, Salisbury State
  • I passed the HESI with a 960! I feel like some kind of genius! Thanks so much for your help and for doing our HESI review, it really paid off
    Kim, RN, HCC
  • I've had the opportunity to attend Sine Strategies awesome reviews not only when prepping for NCLEX but thru out nursing school. I learned concepts and easy ways to remember content thanks to great strategies. The instructors are very much invested in students' success and are a great inspiration. I passed NCLEX with the minimum number of questions on the first try. Thanks for everything
    Avanthi, RN, Howard CC
  • I officially passed my NCLEX.... all thanks to you =) Thanks so much for everything you've done for me starting from day 1. I wouldn't have made it without your advice, support, and pep talks even when I didn't believe in myself. Sine Strategies really works, I'm proof of it!
    Christy, RN, Howard CC
  • Just another stat from a HCC Sine Strategies HESI/NCLEX review [May 2012] student. A 1093 on the HESI and only 75 questions in under an hour on the NCLEX-RN!
    Eric, RN, Howard CC
  • I have been working  as a LPN for 15 years. Despite attending other NCLEX reviews I still could not get past the NCLEX-RN. I heard about Sine Strategies. I decided to work with them. I am so glad I did. After working with them I passed first try and with only 82 questions. Thank you!! God Bless!
    Josephine, RN, COMAS nursing grad, Sierra Leone
  • I had previously taken Kaplan and failed on my first attempt with 110 questions. Sine Strategies gives each student a workbook and helps to guide each student to where their weaknesses are within the nursing plan. The instructor is awesome and always there at any time to help if you have any questions. If I could do it all over again, I would have gone to them the first time!
    Jennifer, RN, Towson University Nursing
  • Unfortunately, after graduating and taking the Kaplan review, I was not successful taking the NCLEX. I took it twice and got the whole 265. After taking Sine Strategies, I passed with 75 questions! This review really is awesome! If you need help, do not hesitate to contact them her. You will be sorry if you don't. The instructor is very friendly and easy to talk to!
    Amber, RN, Howard CC