NCLEX Expert Consultation

NCLEX Expert Consultation

I believe in empowering staff to empower students. I also believe in saving nursing programs. I can help with both. I raised a local nursing schools pass rate up to 93.7% the first year I implemented my NCLEX intervention program and therefore was fully grant funded for 3 years. The 93rd percent pass rate was maintained for the life of the grant. I was also a retention specialist with an retention rate of over 95% in every class. My own pass rate for my Sine Strategies NCLEX review is above a 95%. I would love to try to do this for you!

Consultation Options:
Option 1 – Sine Strategies NCLEX Review
I can partner with you to offer my basic NCLEX review and/or extended NCLEX strategy and content review for your school. I also do HESI and ATI reviews which have beat the national score average every time.

Option 2 – Specialized NCLEX Preparation Packages
If you are in a predicament with your pass rate and at the end of your choices, even on probation with the BON, there is now one more choice. I have the flexibility and the knowledge to work and consult with you or even prepare and run a specialized program to fit your needs and/or the BON requirements of you. The BON already has my resume on file! I will assess and work with you and your students to determine the best course of action.

Option 3-Consultation services
I assist you. Help assess, design and give suggestions for NCLEX interventions. I can teach a couple sessions as well if wish. Otherwise your own faculty takes the lead!

Option 4 – Faculty in-services
Why wait to teach your students the NCLEX way until the end of the program? Why not teach your nursing students the NCLEX way from day one of nursing school? Incorporate it in ALL their courses? How can we help? Teach your teachers the NCLEX way; empower your staff which will empower your students. Could you imagine not needing a NCLEX review at all? If you teach them and bring them up in the NCLEX way, your students will have 2 years of preparation with you instead of 2-4 days with a random review company. I can provide annual, semi-annual or at your preference in-services to faculty on the NCLEX way.

If there is something you wish for that is not offered, speak with me! I am flexible and ready to work with you! Let’s try to get that pass rate up! Call me at, 443-832-3253, to discuss any of the above and pricing.

Virginia Sine, MSN, GNP-BC, RN
Founder and President of Sine Strategies
Resume available on LinkedIn

Picture taken June 2011
Summer Institute of Evidenced Based Practice
San Antonio, Texas