Testing Analysis

The testing analysis is used by our students after attending our NCLEX or Exit Exam review to test their strategies, gain confidence and get direct feedback on their testing habits before they to go into their exams.

You want to strongly consider a one-one private testing analysis, if you have not been averaging above 70% on practice tests. You can opt to sit with a Sine Strategies Tutor one to one or up to a small group of three and get feedback on how YOU are doing when you test.

Date and Time: Arranged around you! (and us). Skype appointments also available with this option.

To schedule: Call or email info@sinestrategies.com for a testing hour (or two) appt. Or anything else! Can be content too.

Pricing: Private $80/hr, group of 2 $60/hr each, group of 3 $50/hr each. Pay at time of appt by cash or credit.