Hello all! To everyone who is considering on taking Sine Strategies for Nclex Prep, hopefully this will make your decision a lot easier. I’m going to first off saying that I am not a good test taker at all. I could never understand strategies and apply them correctly, BEFORE I took this class. I took my school’s Exit Hesi multiple times, and I did not pass the NCLEX the first time after doing all 265 questions. A few friends of mine took this class and told me that it is the real deal, and you won’t regret taking it. So I did as they said. I took the class, and instantly saw why I was not passing exams. My strategies were wrong, and the way I was thinking through questions were wrong. I retook the NCLEX yesterday, 3 weeks after taking the class to memorize the material taught, and I passed! If you establish trust in the process, you will pass the NCLEX regardless of how many questions you get. I highly recommend this class to anyone who needs help with test taking strategies and content. THANK YOU SINE STRATEGIES!!!