Fundamentals, Pharm, Peds, Psyche, Maternity, Dosage, Care Plans

Tutoring is offered as once before exams or more frequently in groups or privately. If you wish for help in Fundamentals, Peds, Psyche, Maternity, Dosage and calc, Care Plans or anything else, please contact us. We will be happy to arrange a group for you, take your group or give private instruction.

Email to request help in any subject! See current requests below:

HCC Peds
Exam 1 study group – April 6th DONE
Exam 2 study group – April 19th 1-2:45p at Linden Hall, 4765 Dorsey Hall Drive, Ellicott City RSVPs:8
Exam 3 study group – May 7th, 11:30am-1:30pm
RSVPs: based on number of attendees, anticipated price is $40/session/attendee for the first study group. If number in attendance drops, any balance will be collected at the session.
TO pay for HCC Peds sessions, pay at time of session or click PayPal button below

Group size

CCBC Peds:
Email to find out about scheduled dates and times.

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Pricing for study groups:
Nurse Tutors charge anywhere from $60-100 per person per hour. With us you have options! Keep us for yourself and still get a competitive private hour price, starting at $65/hour. OR you also have the option to make college level tutoring more affordable, even less than what elementary school tutors charge, by coming to group tutoring or forming your own group and following the scale below.
Group price options:
Group of 2 – $45/hr each
Group of 3-4 – $35/hr each
Group of 5-7 – $25/hr each
Group of 8-12 – $20/hr each
More than 12 students, YOU get the best price we offer, $15/hour. Invite your friends and save!

Cash, credit or check will be accepted at the door or you can always pay ahead by clicking here. Please note that final price is ultimately based on group size not RSVPs. If paying ahead, you may owe a balance on the day of the session, depending on the number that show.