NCLEX Plan Pieces

NCLEX Plan Pieces
NCLEX Plan pieces go over every single topic in a particular part of the NCLEX testing plan. It has more details than our main review and is for *any student wishing to focus on a particular section.
….Where are you marked below on your past NCLEX results? Management of Care? Safety and Infection Control? Health Promotion and Maintenance/Mother Baby? Psychological? Basic Care and Comfort/Fundamentals? Parenteral Therapy and Pharmacology? Risk Management? Physiological Integrity/Med Surg? Let’s study that area!

Upcoming NCLEX Testing Plan: Done on request!
None pending.

Email info@sinestrategies to request to join any of the above sections or make an additional request for NCLEX testing plan pieces.

$10 flat fee for handouts plus…..
Group price which is dependent of number of attendees. Will follow sliding scale.
Group price options:
Group of 2 – $45/hr each
Group of 3-4 – $35/hr each
Group of 5-7 – $25/hr each
Group of 8-12 – $20/hr each
More than 12 students, YOU get the best price we offer, $15/hour.