Sine Strategies NCLEX reviews, HESI reviews and Nurse Tutoring Client Testimonials:

Here are just a few! We have more live from our clients on our Facebook page. Lots of stories to encourage you!

“My quick results say pass! Thank you so much, your help definitely helped to pass the NCLEX first try. “
Pilar, RN
HCC Dec 2020 Grad

“I just wanted to let you know I passed NCLEX in 75 questions last week on my first attempt. Thank you so much for all your help throughout nursing school!”
Leah, RN
HCC Dec 2020 Grad

“I want to thank you!!!!! Although, we are getting there my ATi score went up! AND I did well OB 2nd exam, 92%! Only after one session with you. Thank you!!! I am definitely continue to come to you for critical care! I ended up with a 87% in the class.”
Chamberlain 2021 to be Grad

“Thank you for your help on the resume. I submitted it Friday and got a call for an interview on Monday! So excited! and I also passed my NCLEX first try!”
Sophia, RN
HCC 2020 Grad

“I passed the ATI exit exam! whoohoo Thank you again!”
Jan 2020 Grad

“Good Afternoon! It was great to see you today. I want to thank you for all your help. I had a rough history with the NCLEX. But after attending this review I was able to pass nclex first try, by applying all the strategies you have taught me. Of course, I had to do some knowledge content review but without your class I would have been lost. Thank you so much!!!!”
Biata, RN

“Thank you so much for your help this semester. I got a B in the class. I scored a 888 on the HESI and got an A on the concept map. Have a Happy Holiday and see you in the New Year.”
Coppin Med Surg 1 

“I stopped at 83 questions. I passed! Thank you so much for your help! I made it this time, first time, after this review.”
Sharon, RN
Coppin State, Aug 2020 Grad

“Good afternoon I finished in 79 questions but I felt like I didn’t know anything on the test … like nothing at all. It was so difficult. Lots of SATA. But that is what you said would happen if I passed quickly and I did! Thank you so much! …woke up checked the BON and there I see my name .. thank you so much or all your help I don’t think I would of passed if I didn’t take your class … I will definitely be recommending you to any nursing students I come across.”
Samantha, RN
CCBC Jan 2019 Grad

“Thank you for your wonderful strategy of studying for the NCLEX. I took my boards last week and I passed. The most important thing that helped was following all the instructions you gave during your teaching. You spent time and shared your knowledge with us. I can’t thank you enough because your teaching was direct and easy to understand. I took my time throughout the test hearing your voice repeatedly saying we should not rush clicking answers rather we are judged by the ones we got right not quantity.  Please you are welcome to share this information to people that came to the group lesson I’m sure this will motivate someone out there. If I can do it with 5 children and full time job all those great nurses can. Thank you my friends are planning to attend your review so they can they can partake in this success.
Have a blessed season.”
Amara, RN

“I passed both classes!! Psyche and Peds! Thank you so much for helping me. I would not have passed without your tutoring and help on the HESI.”
HCC May 2020 pending grad

“I passed my HESI Community Health and Psyche exam with 100%. Thank you!”
Brittany, Coppin Dec2019 Grad

“I was not doing well in Fundamentals. I needed 80%s on my  final two exams to pass the class. Once I started tutoring with you I got a 84% on exam 3, 83% on exam 4 and passed my HESI Fundamentals exam. I passed the class! I’m so grateful I met you!!! Thank you so very much!”
HCC Fundamentals Fall 2019 Student

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help! I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions! I couldn’t believe it. Thank you again for everything!”
Morgan, RN
HCC August 2019 Grad

“I passed my exit hesi! Finally!!!! So glad I decided to use your review this time. First try after this review, I passed!”
Sophia, HCC Dec 2020 Grad

“I passed HESI exit exam on Friday. First try! Thank you for all your help I made sure to use everything you taught us!”
Leah, HCC Dec 2020 Grad

“I am sending you this to inform you that I passed my RN NCLEX Exam 1st time. Took the exam on 11/23/19. I passed in 75 questions. Thank you for your support and encouragement.”
Justina, RN
Carleen Health Institute of South Florida 2018 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX! Graduated in 4/18 but never took the test yet. I did it first try after attending your review.”
Catherine, RN
Carleen Health Institute of South Florida

“Passed in 83 questions!!! Thank you so much for everything these past two years. I redid your workbook from front to back and then used practice questions!!! It 100% made the difference!!”
Lyndsey, RN
HCC 2019 Grad

“Thank you for all your help. I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. I will be sure to share your info with other Hopkins students.”
Nikki, RN
Johns Hopkins University, 2019 Grad

“Just wanted you to know that I passed the NCLEX! 75 questions and done! Thanks so much for all your education & support & getting me through! I appreciate you!”
Allia, RN
HCC 2019 Grad

“Just wanted to share that I PASSED the NCLEX my first try. Thank you so much! Since day 1 of nursing school you’ve helped me immensely. And now I’m an RN! Thank you for all your help!”
Emily, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX. I want to say thank you for your help. The book did help meI did 77 questions. I think the big difference was that I rushed to take it in July. I wasn’t ready. I rushed to take it because of the job offer I got. This time I had the time to prepare efficiently. I used the trick you taught us mostly. I just used it to to practice as many questions as I can everywhere. I wanna say thank you very much your review really helped.”
Charles, RN
Coppin State University, 2017 Grad

“I took all your advice thank you ! The test shut off at 75 questions. I passed the NCLEX!!”
Jess, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed the Nclex in 83 questions, can’t believe it !!! OMG thank you so much for your help!! I just kept thinking about everything you taught me. Your strategy works magic”
Emiliene, BSN/RN
Stratford University 2019 Grad

“Good Afternoon!!!! I have exciting news! I finally took my NCLEX on Monday, I passed! I wanted to share with you because you were truly such a blessing during my time in nursing school! I want to thank you for all the hard work & night hours you put in with us nursing students away form your own family to help us achieve our dreams! It means the world to us!!! After taking the 3 days prep course with you I got a B on the exit HESI & graduated. Then we had some deaths in the family which took us out of town & kept me away from my original plan of testing for the NCLEX ASAP. Luckily with your direction I did what you suggested and did some refreshing on the material before testing. I did not feel as ready as I would have liked BUT I did it regardless! I finished around question 178 & ended on a harder question in which I thought was easy so I was a little nervous but felt like I was doing well during the test so I hoped for the best. Today I see my status on the MBON as an active RN with a license # & my results on the Pearson vue as Passed! Thank you again for all of your support!!!”
Angela, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Hello, I took your prep class in April. Due to personal reasons I did not have time to take the NCLEX until earlier this month. I credit taking this class, using your workbook, and using the test bank you suggested. I completed the test in 77 questions and it took about an hour. Thank You!”
Shannon, RN
CCBC 2018 Grad

“My first NCLEX-RN attempt was back in June and I failed with 265 questions. I didn’t take any breaks and I was there for 5 1/2 hours. I heard about this class and I took the class the beginning of July.I just passed my NCLEX-RN exam on Tuesday with 75 questions in less than one hour. I used the strategies the review taught me, and I read the workbook from cover to cover for three weeks prior to taking the exam. I took two breaks and used the energy suggestions just like we were told. I am so glad I found this class, I truly believe her strategies helped me pass Good luck everyone!”
Susan, RN
Carroll CC May 2019 Grad

“Hey just wanted to let you that I passed the HESI exit exam, first try, got a 91% with is a 1024. Thank you!!!”
Ta-Tyona, HCC Aug 2019 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX first time in 75 questions! Thank you so much for all of our help. Your knowledge and help over these last two years of nursing school was just what I needed to get through.”
Jenny, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Hi! Just wanted to let you know I passed the Exit HESI first attempt. Score 941. Yippee!”
Allia, HCC August 2019 Grad

“Hi! 75 and done, and I just found out I PASSED (first try)! Thank you for all you do!”
Miah, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed 1013!!!! It was my 4th exit exam attempt (first time after your review). I am so glad I finally decided to attend. Thank you so much! Lots of things you told me helped me to understand the test better and to relax. On to NCLEX!”
Angela May 2019 HCC Grad

“Passed my HESI exit exam 955, first attempt! Thank you for your review!!!”
Latarsha, Capscare July 2019 grad

“Passed in 75 questions first time! You area big part of the hardwork. Your last strategy refresher really helped with last minute techniques and mental attitude. I could not have done it without your help!”
Beatrice, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Thank you very much! Passed in 75 questions first time! I don’t know what I would have done without you. I met some 1st semester students and I recommended them to you. I told them how you will be there with till they get a job and even after ?”
Mercy, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Passed in 80 questions! Thank you Thank you so much, will definitely spread the word on SineStrategies!”
Kiara, RN
April 2019 Chamberlain Grad

“I passed the NCLEX on the first attempt! I can’t believe it!!! Omg thank you so much for your help!! I just kept thinking about everything you taught me!”
Leida P., RN
Chamberlain grad, April 2019

“I got an 993! Thank you so much for all your help! Got through the exit first try after taking your review. Big difference in the way I was understanding the questions this time.”
Delayca J., May 2019 HCC Grad

“Passed first try after taking your exit exam review. 855. The breaks & sugar techniques you mentioned worked well for me. I was able to re focus & still had time left over. Also changing my thoughts to positive & not doubting.”
Stacey L., May 2019 HCC Grad

“I passed first time after taking your class! 950! Your class def refocused me back to the right way to answer the questions. The strategies were very very helpful . Also took my anxiety meds like you said and I felt less anxious going in. I am so glad to finally be done with the exit exam! On to NCLEX”
Jess H., HCC May 2019 Grad

“Good evening everyone…. It’s Marita.. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my NCLEX with 115 questions.. The test and strategies that Sine Strategies taught us is definitely the real deal… Stick to knowing ur … and look for ….. I personally memorize the whole sheet of….. Everything that was said in class and taught us is all there.It’s been a long journey, don’t give up now… this was my second round and I fought hard… Your RN license is one breath away… By the way on your test date don’t forget all the advice, it works…???? Once again, thank you for the knowledge you gave me in a short period of time..and the believe you put on ur students. Forever grateful???? Good luck everyone”
Marita, RN

December 2018 Grad

“I did it again! I scored 1040 today on the maternity HESI (conversion of ~90%). Attached, you will see my scores and the improvements I’ve seen since coming to your tutoring program. Thank you again for your help.”
Kind regards,
Ashley M.
Coppin State pending grad

“I PASSED. Highest HESI score ever, thanks to you! I think I got a 1036 or something on the HESI exit. I am so grateful to you!!!! And a little chocked up right now! I can’t believe it!! I am going to miss seeing you every few weeks for tutoring. LOL Thank you for everything!”
Miah, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I didn’t get what I got on Thursday but I’m satisfied with my 970 (89.92%). First HESI exit attempt! So many people didn’t pass. Thanks and thanks for all your help! I finished the semester with an A and I’m so relieved to not have to take the exit exam again.”
Celeste, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed my HESI exit exam on the first try with a 944!! Thank you for your help!!!”
Angela M., HCC May 2019 Grad

“I used your technique for med surg end of course HESI and I passed it with flying colors…Thank God I passed the class because I was failing.”
HCC 2019 pending grad

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the past two years! I passed my exit exam (first attempt) this morning with an 864!!!”
Lindsey, HCC May 2019 grad

“Thank you so much, your tutoring was great. I did not have any minute to go through the book, But all your explanations carried me to 915 on our first HESI exit attempt. May the Lord bless you and keep you in good health so you can continue to be a blessing to many people.”
Beatrice, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed my HESI exit! First attempt. 972!! Thank you.”
Mercy, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I must have a ????!. I got an 1141 (99.21%) on the final today! Thank you for your review! I made myself do what you taught us. But I had absolutely no idea on some of them. I used your methods and chose the answer that made the most sense. I guess I got some of the difficult ones right because I got about 6-7 questions wrong and most were stupid mistakes.”
Celeste, HCC May 2019 pending grad

“GM I wanted u to know that i passed my boards on Friday. I got 87 questions! Thank you!!!”
Iesha, RN

“I passed!!!!! I thought I failed because I only got 79 questions. Last time I got all 265 but I had not studied or reviewed the strategies. You have to put the time in and trust the process, it works!”
Imani, RN
HCC Dec 2018 Grad

“I passed! 90 questions! First time! Thank you so much for your support!!”
Peter, RN
CCBC March 2019 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX !!!!!! Thank u so much for everything!!!! It was the scariest exam I have ever taken ! Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without you and the review !”
Natnael, RN
CCBC March 2019 Grad

“Hi! Banged out another 92 on the exam this week!!! I don’t think I’d be as successful without your expertise and guidance at our tutoring sessions! Thank you for all that you do! ????????????”
Med Surg 2 student

“Thank you for your help! I was able to get a 99% on the peds HESI- I think it converted to 1120ish. I was so excited I didn’t even look. I couldn’t have done it without your help!”
Kind regards,
Ashley M.
Coppin State pending Grad

“God is great! I passed the NCLEX! Ur review is the best! I would not lie! Every trick you taught me, I used. And I used it until the end! You gave me a new way and new hope. THANK YOU!!!”
Clarisse, RN
Internationally educated, Cameroon 2016 Grad

“Good day! Took your course a few months ago. Passed the NCLEX thanks to your strategy. Keep doing what you are doing. IT WORKS! I made it this time.”
Kevin, RN
BCCC May 2018 Grad

“I want to say a big thank you for your helpful strategies. I took and passed the Nclex on Tuesday. It really went well and your strategies helped a lot especially with priority questions which I was previously struggling with before I took your prep class. I definitely will recommend to others and I’m grateful to the student who posted your information on CCBC nursing student forum. My Facebook account is temporarily deactivated so I’m not sure if there’s any other way I could leave my 5star plus rating????????????. If not, feel free to post my comment (& add my other email if need be) in case some “doubters” wants some verification……lol. You are the Best. Thanks again. Please I’ll need help with my resume, how does that work?”
Catherine, RN
CCBC Dec 2018 Grad

“Hi everyone-After several attempts at taking the NCLEX-RN exam with no success, I went to numerous classes like Kaplan and Hurst, and went online to UWorld. I still didn’t pass the exam. I was a nontraditional student, so I was in my mid-50’s when I passed nursing school. It was hard, but I succeeded. Better than succeeding nursing school was when I finally passed the RN exam!!! I took the exam 12 times and failed each time (I couldn’t give up)! Thank goodness I listened to someone that suggested I go to Sine Strategies. The class is taught so much about the strategies of passing, so I took the advice and gave up doing UWorld questions, and wrote my thoughts down for each question. I’m happy to report that I passed the exam with 90 questions, and am now a RN (still smiling ear to ear)!! This testimonial is to tell you that if you put your mind to it and study hard with Virginia’s strategies, you WILL succeed. Don’t doubt yourself into thinking you can’t pass. If I can do it, you can too! Kudos to Sine Strategies-it really works!”
Mary Riggin, RN

“Hi! I just wanna let you know that I passed NCLEX. 🙂 I am starting my nursing job on March 4th. I appreciate
all your teaching through nursing school. I learned so much from you!! ?? “
Yeojung, RN
HCC Dec 2018 Grad

“Honestly the review session that we had yesterday definitely prepared me for today’s Med surg test. I was very confident with the questions that pertained to what we went over. I feel like I understood more that 80% of the test. I am definitely coming to future exam review sessions. Have a good evening.”
Med Surg 1 student

“Hey! I tested Wednesday (75 questions) I just found out today that I passed! Thank you so much for your help!”
Kristin, RN
HCC Dec 2018 grad

“Thank you so much for providing these handouts and for the study session. It helped me understand everything in a much more clear way. I will definitely be able to attend the next study session!”
Peds tutoring student

“Just wanted to let you know I passed the NCLEX first try with 75 questions! I was in your December 1-2 class. Thank you for all of your help & words of wisdom I kept a tally of the questions you suggested. When I went in I immediately wrote down on the board everything you taught us….. I had zero issue with any priority or action questions bc I used your strategy. One question in particular, without ur method, I would have gotten wrong. Through the exam I noticed the higher level questions you talked about so I kept a good spirit that I was doing well! I’m SO glad to have come to SINE and have spread the word all around (at school and at work for friends in nursing school) it is absolutely the reason I passed the nclex first try in 75!”
Jessie, RN
CCBC Dec 2018 Grad

“I got an 1139 on the HESi exit exam after being unsuccessful the last two times. I completed the sections that you recommended in your workbook and did a lot of questions. When I was taking the test I used the strategies you taught us. Thank you!”
Victoria, HCC Dec 2018 grad

“Good morning, I just checked the result and I made it in 75 questions. I am so glad I am done. I had tried many other reviews and it was not working. Thanks very much for your help on the NCLEX..am truly grateful.”
Sophia, RN
University of Indiana

“Hi everyone , I couldn’t have made it without Sine Strategies!!! I stopped using UWorld and all the other advice I had been told. I could hear our instructor’s voice throughout the 75 questions. Please follow her way all the way 100%. Despite my school having a low NCLEX pass rate, I did it!”
Stacy, RN
Med Life Florida

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything this semester. With your help and countless hrs of studying I got a B this semester and I just got 97.49% (1164) on the HESI.”
HCC Med Surg 1 student

“Thank you thank you I made it at 75 questions on my first NCLEX try! I stopped using Uworld after my 2 day session with Sine Strategies. I could see how some of their answers were misleading. You were so right about them!”
Stacy, RN
2018 Grad

“I passed Hesi Ped/Ob with 1031. I could hear your voice during the exams. Most of the things you asked us to pay attention during our regular review helped a lot. You HAD to pay attention to the topics. I was like no no no, you told us to pay attention. My friend who came to your HESI help session also scored high and got a 1035, she says a big THANK YOU. We are all so very grateful.”
HCC Nursing Student

“Thank you so much once again for the support and tips. I truly think God sent you to save my skin academically this semester haha. Went up to 80’s after working with you and now even trying to fight for a 90% on this last exam! I may even be looking at a B in med surg now! Big difference!”
HCC Med Surg 1 Student

“Hi! Emailing about HCC NURS 242/243. I just finished HESI with 1069 points 96.8%….????????????????????????. Thank you so much!!!! The HESI help session you did was awesome!”
HCC Peds/OB student

“Hi Virginia! Just wanted to thank you for all you do to help me through nursing school with your tutoring sessions. I’m so very thankful and look forward to working with you next semester and on to NCLEX. I hope you have a great day. Ohhh, and I got a 95 on the exam last night!!!! ???? Two more to go next week! Thank you so much!!!”
HCC Peds/OB/Psyche student

“Hello how are you, just wanted to informed you that today I scored a 1140 on the critical care hesi????. Both HESI’s I have taken since using you have been over 1000! I’m just happy to get away from hesi, yes I made sure I ….. as you mentioned. Thanks again. The content mattered but what you taught me also played a huge role. Before you these were my scores, RN exit (892) critical care exit(560). A few months ago I was sobbing because of the critical care exam but now I’m happy.”

“I got a 88 on the final Peds/OB exam. It was really hard for me to understand this ICP stuff but you made it so easy. Thank you”
HCC Peds Student

“Passed my Hesi!! I was using your methods … the whole time! Thanks ???? Thank you! I scored 941. Thank you!! Seriously I would not be here without your methods and awesome tutoring sessions. ?? :)”
Yeojung, HCC Dec 2018 Grad

“I passed the HESI exit exam with only 3 days to study!”
Maggie, HCC Dec 2018 Grad

“Thank you for being willing to tutor us in psyche. I know it is not your preferred material. But I got a 90 on my exam! Thank you so much. No more fears!”
HCC Psyche student

“Good evening, I emailed you about my NCLEX results. I PASSED. 89 questions, thought I failed. was so nervous. when it didn’t turn off at 75 questions I was ok because of what you told me but I had to buckle down to get it together. Thank you for helping me get through that HESI exit exam and now the NCLEX!”
Jacqueline, RN
HCC August 2018 Grad

“Ahhhh so happy this is over! Thank you for helping me with the HESI exit exam and now the NCLEX. I passed both first try. NCLEX in 75 questions! Now to get my license transferred from Florida. THANK YOU!!”
Karon, RN
Florida on-line RN program 2018 grad

“Hello just wanted to let you know that I passed my HESI exit exam. my school required us to receive a score of 900 and I got a 1100! I used the strategies, thanks again!
Coppin State, expected graduation December 2018

“I called your office today to give you the good news! I passed the NCLEX-RN exam with 130 questions! I’m so excited I can’t think straight! Ha! Ha! I’m still in shock! I’m so grateful that I came to your class, such a long struggle so many times, but you gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam! First try after using your review! Thank you so much!”
Mary, new RN!!!

“OMG!!! I finally took my NCLEX on October 10th and found out today that I passed in 75 questions! Thank you so much for all of your help on the HESI exit exam and now the NCLEX! I wrote your testing method on my whiteboard as soon as I got in there and resisted the urge to hover and change my answers. On top of everything, thank you for doing my resume, John’s Hopkins has called me back for an interview!”
Michele, RN
HCC August 2018 Grad

“The testing method you developed for me worked! Thank you for helping me be successful despite my auditory nature. I will lamenate that testing method you made for me! Thank you! I am so happy to be done trying the NCLEX.”
Lynn, RN
Carroll Community College, Aug 2018 Grad

“I PASSED! I tested the Sine Process! I don’t know how u mastered that process but u are brilliant ,thank u. 7 times, lots of reviews, 3 years. I could not get through it. One time with you and I passed!”
Estrelita, RN, BSN
Sojourner Douglass, June 2015 Grad

“I just wanted to let you know I passed my hesi exit exam the first time with a 1079. Thanks for all your help.”
Karon, RN Grad September 2018
Caps Care Health Academy

“Hi, I was in your review session yesterday for med surg 1 tutoring. I just wanted to thank you, between studying and your reviews I got an 86 on today’s test. I’ll definitely be there for the next one!”
Lauren, Med Surg 1 student

“Hi, how have you been? Hope all is well, just wanted to update you on my progress as an RN???? they recently made me the Director of Nursing for the place i work ???? never could have imagined and definitely couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again for everything.”
Chicka, former NCLEX client

“Hey!I just realized I never followed up with you about the MCAT. So, I took your advice and … which were wonderful! Super helpful and very realistic to test day. I ended up scoring a 505 on test day (higher than any of my full length MCAT practice exams). I have an interview with Maryland next month and am hoping for a few more! Thanks again for all of your help!!I think I had a 125, 2 126s, and my psych was 128. And thank you! I’m super excited, Maryland is my #1 choice so we’ll see how it goes.”
Rachael, future Med Student
(Not that we typically work with med students but some testing strategies are universal!)

“I passed my RN Nclex! The test bank you recommended to practice the strategies was the key for me.”
Johnson, RN
Global Health, 2017 Grad

“I would like to thank you for all your help with tutoring through school, HESI, NCLEX and beyond I have done and passed my boards and I would like to say a big thank you may God bless you and keep you in the name of Jesus amen”
Sara, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I had used Kaplan, UWorld, and other popular companies, still could not pass the boards. One time with your company and I did it! I passed! Thank you so much for everything I really appreciate everything you taught me to bring me here. You’ve helped me overcome this goal which I never thought I would get over, so I thank you for that.”
Mike, RN
CCBC 2017 Grad

“Passed first try! 99 questions! Now I can relax! Thanks for all your help!”
Linda, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I am officially an RN. I passed the Board. I took it on Friday and it stopped at 86 questions. And Just got the results Today. I used a lot more of what you taught me in the review this time. I had to trust you. Thank you for everything”
Mariam, RN
HCC 2017 Grad

“You were a huge part of my success! Passed the Hesi Exit Exam and the NCLEX on the first try. You gave me all the courage and confidence to pass and helpful strategies too, obviously. Thank you so much! I will be encouraging nursing students to seek out your class. Thank you again,”
Colbie, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX on the first try! thank you for all your help throughout my WHOLE nursing program, tutoring courses, hesi and NCLEX!!”
Katrina, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I took the NCLEX and passed with 75 questions! I kept tallies of the type of question you told us to and the more I got, the more I was confident and my nerves lessened. To help my nerves, I did what you suggested. Thank you so much, you have been such a big help!”
Alexis, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I got 75 questions. Much to my surprise though it shut off at 75 questions (was prepared for all 265). I was so afraid I would run out of time since I test relatively slowly compared to my classmates. So you can imagine how elated I was when it stopped at 75. I used the way you taught us and stuck with it all the way through and It worked! Forgot to mention I got a job in the ER! I’m so excited to start my career as an RN!
Denise, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I took your HESI review earlier this month. I just took the HCC HESI Exit Exam for the first time and scored a 1064! Thank you so much for your review and guidance. I instantly wrote down the testing strategy and all of the tips I learned. I was worried about my time constraints, but with hard work, it paid off!! Thank you so much!”
Michele, HCC Aug 2018 Grad

“Hi! I literally got my passing score on Monday and I started my new job on Tuesday! Words cannot even begin to describe thankful and appreciative I am to have had you throughout this whole nursing school process. You went the extra mile I needed and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here today as a Registered Nurse without you! Hugs!”
Morgan, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“Hi! I want to tell you that I got my result today and I pass with 120 questions. I want to say thank you.”
Christiana, RN
HCC Dec 2017 Grad

“I did it! First attempt! Passed the NCLEX. Thank you for all your help.”
Leila, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“Good news I passed my NCLEX! First try too! It took me all the way to 228 questions which kinda worried me because I cut off at such a weird number but I found out the results two days again. And couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you so much for your knowledge and skills you taught me. I don’t think I would of made it through the HESI and NCLEX without you!”
Ashley, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad

“Hello, I just took my boards on the 10th and passed in 75 questions! Thank you for all of your help,”
Patrick, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I just found out that I passed! First time, 75 questions! Thank you so much for all of your help!”
Laurie, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“Its official! I passed, 75 questions, first time… I am a nurse!!”
Heather, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad

“I passed first attempt! I finished in 75. A good amount of SATA and ended with 2 things that I have never heard of. Thank you for all your help!”
Allie, BSN, RN
St. John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Nursing, New York May 2018 Grad

“75 questions only! I did quick results! And it said passed! Best feeling I have ever had!”
Brittney, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad

“Omg I meant to text you! I passed!!!i went to 265 and it was killer but I did it!”
Kelly, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad

“I passed first try! I had to go all the way to 265. I wish I had not had to speed up the review process and the workbook, I think that contributed to me needing to go to all 265. But I did it! Thank you!!!”
Chelsea, BSN, RN
Clemson University, May 2018 Grad

I passed my boards first time !!!! About 85 questions! I’m an RN! Ahhh so exited. Thanks so much for all your help!
Rachel, RN
CCBC, May 2018 Grad

“I took the NCLEX and finished in 94 questions. I found out that I made it. First time! Thank you for your HESI and NCLEX review. I passed the HESI exit exam on the first attempt with a 978 and now the NCLEX, first attempt, in 94 questions. I used everything you taught me and used the NCSBN learning extension test bank that you recommended. Nothing else! Thank you!”
Erin, RN
Carroll CC May 2018 Grad

“Gd meg, I hv the honor to inform y that I hv finally passed the board exam for RN. I want to thank y sincerely for all ur knowledge and ??. It was my 6th attempt (first time after taking your review), I had to go to all 265 but I did it this time! Ur strategies really helped me.”
Violet, RN

“With all my energy & singing praises to the good lord, I’m saying “thank you Thank you thank you for all your love, patience, knowledge & understanding towards me. Finally RN BSN after 3 attempts….This time it was Straight to the point. Last time I made the mistake of combining your instruction with others and I failed in 89 questions. I was so happy I came back to sit one on one with you and learn NOT to add other strategies to yours. This time I blocked out all the other Kaplan or Morgan strategies and only used yours and U wouldn’t believe 75 this time. 75 in 1.5 hrs!! .. thank u.”
Aisha, BSN, RN
Morgan State University

“I got a 988 on my Med Surg Hesi and a 100% on my meds calc exam. Thank you so much for all your help this semester.”
Jenny, HCC Nursing Student

“I made HESI exit at 934. Thank you.”
Regina, HCC May 2018 Grad

“I made it!! I didn’t think I passed either. I ended up with a 943.”
Jay, HCC May 2018 Grad

“You are AMAZING!!!!!! I have never passed a single Hesi before and now after studying with you for two sessions and doing your workbook I passed on my first try with a 893!!!! I am soooo happy!!! Thank you so much!!
Colbie, Carroll CC May 2018 Grad

“I was in your review class September 28th, October 2nd and 4th last year. I took NCLEX 03/07/18 and strictly used your strategies and read your entire book. I had 75 questions in an hour and some minutes. Thank you for your help and support. I found out I passed this morning. Have a great day.”
Diana, RN
Global Health College

I had not had any hits on my resume that was out from December. I submitted my application last night with the resume that you wrote for me to St Agnes and already got a call back to interview this morning! Thank you. And thank you for all your help.” “I started working at St Agnes in April. I also got call backs from a few other hospitals and facilities, but St Agnes was a better choice for me. Thanks again!”
Charisma, RN

“Good Afternoon, I am pleased to let you know I PASSED in 89 questions first time after your review!!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am but I can tell you how you were such a blessing and an IMPORTANT PIECE in this process!!!!
(Important words/ pieces….your strategies….a little joke that worked)????Words can not express all the feelings I am having right now!! I just Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for hanging in there with me!!! You gave me a lot to work with and think about. You challenged my weak areas and gave me positive solutions. I can not Thank You enough!!! I would like to know a good time next week that I could come through and give you a nice big hug!!! So let me know your availability and I will be there???????????”
Julia Street-Jones, RN
1995 UDC Nursing School Graduate

“I passed the nclex in 79 questions! Thank you for your help with HESI and NCLEX!”
Meghan, RN
HCC Dec 2017 Grad

“Good afternoon, I passed my nclex exam with 75 questions. Thank so much for all your help. SINE STRATEGIES WAS A LIFE SAVER. And am so sorry for been a crying baby when we met, I was just overwhelmed with the NCLEX. Thank you for listening to me. I am so glad I made it!”
Kehinde, RN

“I passed my NCLEX first time in 130 questions! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!”
Liza, RN
HCC Dec 2017 Grad

Thanks! I passed NCLEX!!!! First time! 100 questions. Thank you for all your help! I start a job in ICU soon!”
Racquel, RN
HCC Dec 2017 grad

“Thank you for your help with perfusion/cardiac. I got a 90% on my exam!”
Rikki, CCBC/Stevenson University RN student

“Hello! Thank you for all you do for us! I thoroughly enjoyed the study session on Wednesday. I gained much more control over the information and peace about the exam. I had been in the hospital twice last week and unable to attend class. You really put the pieces together for liver! Thank you! I also remember the meds in a much simpler way! I heard your voice in my head several times last night! One was not to overthink and the other was … I got 90%! See you next time!”
HCC pending RN grad

“Thank you for your help with cardiac and hepatic concepts. I got a 90% on my exam!”
Heather, HCC RN student

“Hey just got my first 90 in nursing school! Thanks for the tutoring session on the heart and liver!”
Linda, HCC RN student

“Good day! This is Erica I took Hesi Review class with you back in December. Wanted to let you know that I passed the HESI Exit exam today. Thank you so much for your help. Now studying for the NCLEX!”
Erica, RN Grad

“It cut off at 75. Omgggggggggg!!!!!!! The test wasn’t that bad in my opinion. Your strategies definitely helped. I passed!!!!! Thank you sooo much! I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Alycia F., RN
HCC December 2017 Grad

“I took nclex and shut off at 78!!!!! I was freaking out! I passed! Ahhhhh so happy!!! Thank you so much!!”
Colleen, RN
HCC December 2017 Grad

“Done in 75 questions and I see my license up! I wrote down your strategies on my white board and I trusted you all the way through! Thank you so much! Passed my NCLEX on the first try!”
Courtney R., RN
HCC December 2017 Grad

“I finished the NCLEX in 132 questions. I felt good on priority. Yes, I used what you taught. A few I was unsure of but stuck with your advice for my answer. It was easy to figure out the answer with your strategy! I’ll have to send you a picture of the bandaid that your number was written on too! Thank you so much & for all of your help with my HESI and NCLEX. So unreal! Wow! It’s all over!!! No more studying/ doing practice questions ever! Couldn’t have done it without you! I will be sure to recommend you to others.”
Elizabeth F., BSN, now RN
Duquesne University 2017 Grad

“Hello everyone, I was part of the NCLEX review session last month. I’m glad to share the good news that I passed the NCLEX RN exam last week. If you haven’t already taken your exam, please continue to use Sine Strategies. They really work marvelously!!! I cried after the exam, I thought I failed, because it was really hard but I only got 75 questions. The strategies really helped me. Please trust this review because the review gives just what you need to pass the NCLEX. All the best to everyone, you will all be successful. Thanks.”
Bernice Cynthia Agyare-Tanor, RN
HCC December 2017 Grad

“It shut off at 75! I PASSED! Thank YOU so much!!!! :)”
Monica K., BSN, now RN
University of MD, 2017 Grad

“The NCLEX was so incredibly nerve racking. 75 questions but I can’t even remember the last question! ???? But I passed! Yay! Thank you so much for all of your help!”
Kait W., RN
CCBC Dec 2017 Grad

“I PASSED my hesi today.. thank you so much for everything!I scored 1108! I am preparing for nclex now. I have gained back my confidence, I’m so happy.”
Kiara, St. Michael’s School of Allied Health, DC Grad 2017

“I just wanted to update you on how the job hunt is going, the resume is working well, I have had several interviews, ortho, ED, ICU ! Just trying now to take my preference! thank you for the resume help. I was not getting any hits before you helped me with my resume. Thanks!”
Tupo, RN

“Thank you, I scored 1008 for medsurg 1 hesi. I couldn’t done it without you. 🙂 Thank you!!!”
Y.K., Med Surg 1 student

“I wanted to let you know I accepted an ICU position at …. yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help on my resume.”
Alycia, HCC Dec 2017 Grad

“1025 on the HESI exit exam on my 5th attempt!! Wow!! So happy. Couldn’t have done it without you. I can’t thank you enough! It has not set in yet that I am completely done nursing school! Really, thank you, I have used 3 tutors previously and none of them did me any good. Even though I didn’t get the score I needed on the last attempt I still knew that you were the answer and that your strategies could help me succeed.”
Elizabeth, BSN, Duquesne University, Oct 2017 Grad

“I was very happy with an 88 on the fundamentals exam. Your tutoring help was priceless!! I’m sitting on a 90.8 walking in to the
HESI, so really looking forward to tomorrow! Ill take all the tips I can get! Lol.”
A. W., Fundamentals nursing student

“I passed! 1027 on my exit exam!!!! I can’t believe it. I’m still in a state of shock!”
Alycia, HCC Dec 2017 Grad

“I am BEYOND thankful for all of your help and dedication. I had a phone interview with …..today and am going on Friday to interview for their observation unit. Then tomorrow I have a phone interview with….. for their Med-Surg unit. Would not have gotten this far without your help on my resume and words of encouragement and advice on applying. Thank you times a million.”
Jenny, RN, HCC Aug Grad

I am more than happy to let you know I passed boards in 75 questions.Your strategies rock!!!!!!”
Francisca, RN, Radians Grad

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed NCLEX with 75 questions!!! Thank you for all your help. What a relief….I can sleep at last:)”
Megumi, RN

“Just wanted to let you know that I used your strategies for the HESI Peds test today and got an 1127 that converted into a 99.99%. Thanks again for all of your help!!
Laurie, 2018 Pending Grad

“I passed HESI exit with 1130+!!! Thank you so much for all your help!! I will talk to you soon again to review for NCLEX!!”
Megumi, HCC August 2018 Grad

“Thank you for your help in Med Surg 2. I pulled an 86% on my first exam!”
Morgan, Dec 2017 pending grad

“I passed! All 265 but I did it! It was much different this time. Thank you for all your help! The nightmare is over!”
Mimi, RN
2017 Radians Grad

“Good morning. I passed my NCLEX. I am very happy. Only 100 questions. Thank you very much!”
Mary, RN
Radians, 2016 Grad

“Praise be to JESUS !!!I I made it!! . I cried tears all evening after I checked quick results . I made it!! I am so overwhelmed!! I cant thank you enough !!.. I Knew each and every questions that popped up ,but I could not believe it when I went past 80,90,100. Form the very beginning I had decided that I will not rush through the exam .I wanted to pick the correct answer for each question and the test did not seem that hard from the very beginning. I am in in utter shock that I made it via the criteria you taught.! Amazingly am an RN. More over foreign trained from back in 1999 and not a recent graduate. Your strategies helped and honestly, I went in with a head full of information.( I knew every bit of information in your workbook and more) and I prayed loads of prayers for an excellent spirit, with each submit I sealed it with a prayer.And the ALMIGHTY heard me . Praise be to HIS HOLY NAME. After I used you, I passed the PN, AND the RN. Because it has been so long since I graduated, MBON sent me a letter with a list of institutions that offer refresher classes since I have been out of clinical practice for four years now Its a requirement before I can get my licenses. But that is the easy part now! I will need help with updating my resume from you so I will keep in touch . GOD bless you so much !! You are a wonderful teacher . !! I will write a review on the website too.Blessings,
Irene Namugga, RN and LPN
Foreign trained nurse from Uganda ,Africa 1999 Graduate

“I will have to thank you for your patience , consistency , excellent and wonderful work . your strategies were awesome . I don’t even know how to properly explain this . However , I most admit this is one of the best reviews ever. All glory to God”
Ebot, RN
Bowie State University, 2016 Grad

“I passed my NCLEX. I only wanted to do it one time and I did! 93 questions. Thank U!!! I screamed a little, yelled some more, then screamed a little and i was rolling on the floor…????. I thank you so much. Your review was a great investment!”
Olu, RN
Howard Community College, 2017 Grad

“I PASSED!!!! So I got the entire 265 and was freaking out! But as I was taking it , I just remember you saying ” it hasn’t knocked me out for a reason.” … I’m so excited! I passed my nclex on the first try!!!!”
Fatmata, RN
Virginia School of Nursing

“Good Morning, Just wanted to let you know that I have passed my NCLEX in 75!!!! Thank you so much for everything! The knowledge, the confidence and most of all being there when I needed you! I am so grateful for your services. Don’t stop what you are doing and the genuine sincerity you feel for all of us that you tutor! I am sure you are aware of the lack of confidence that I have had through out this whole process, as well as, the anxiety while testing. Your comments and strategies were words of wisdom that I most definitely applied, and they worked for me. I have never cried for 30 minutes of complete joy, EVER!!!! Thank you so much for caring!”
Dawn, RN, HCC May 2017 Grad

“I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! Omg! Thank you for all your help! 187 questions!”
Bethany, AACC May 2017 Grad, RN

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed the NCLEX! I cannot thank you enough. Your strategies made everything so much easier for me. I used them throughout the entire exam. I’m very excited for the next chapter of my life in nursing! I have highly recommended you as a tutor for my coworker who will be starting HCC nursing program next fall! Again, thank you for all of your support and help throughout nursing school.”
Jazmin, RN HCC May 2017 Grad

“I want to say a big thank you. I passed my NCLEX with 79 questions.”
Izeku, PGCC 2017 Grad, RN

“I passed NCLEX with 75 questions! I was honestly shocked at how easy the test was and how it really wasn’t there to trick you (just like you said). It’s crazy because I was so confident throughout the entire test, unlike the HESI. Your refresher course was perfect and I swear the strategy must have been engraved in my brain… because I didn’t even need to write it down on my white board or even repeat it in my head! Everything just seemed to FINALLY make sense! Seriously, the only thing I used my white board for was keeping track of the amount of SATAs. The combination of you and uworld prepared me and made the nclex a cake walk. You are such an honest, positive, optimistic, and uplifting individual! Thank you so much!!!”
Brittany, HCC Grad May 2017, RN

“Thanks!!!!! It’s finally over! I passed! Thanks for all of your help! Couldn’t have done it without you! Your priority strategy was a life saver though. Those got very hard toward the end.”
Kelly, AACC May 2017 Grad, RN

“93 questions! Passed NCLEX! Thanks for the 2 years of tutoring too. I will miss you dearly! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!!!!”
Alycia, Welsey College Grad May 2017, RN

“The computer shut off at 88 questions and I unofficially passed! I have to wait 48 hours to get quick results I’m surprised! I used your strategies as best I could especially for priority questions. The check did help me refresh with the strategies so thank you so much!! :)”
Diana, HCC Grad May 2017, RN

“Hi! thanks to you ,I passed Hesi and Nclex successfully. I used your book and your strategies and it really help and was very easy. Thank you 82 and the computer shut off, I sure did remember the difference between HESI and the NCLEX. I scored 1100 on my HESI. I value the time spent with you the days was very worthwhile!”
Ivy, RN

“Officially passed!! Results posted on pearson VU! Thank you so much for everything. Every email response to my questions, or my anxiety concerns. Not sure I could have passed that NCLEX without your strategies. Or the constant ringing in my ear of your voice when it came prioritizing patients. Huge part of that exam.”
Karla, HCC May 2017 Grad, RN

“the test shut off at 75 questions so I hope that’s a good thing. I used your strategies, especially…, a lot! Thank you so much for your help!! I was overwhelmed with deciding how to study for the NCLEX, with most of my classmates using a mixture of Kaplan, U world, and other NCLEX materials. I decided to trust your strategy as you taught us on day 1 of the review. I studied only from your workbook and then on week 3 of your study plan, I used the question bank in the NCLEX Mastery App. I’m positive that this is why I passed in only 75 questions and many of my classmates had to go on longer. I got so many priority questions and I felt well-prepared for those because of the workbook and your strategies. I’m so glad I trusted you, please feel free to pass this along to other students, I am so grateful! Thank you again!”
Emily, HCC May 2017, RN

“I took my nckex. Stopped at 90. I passed.. thank u soo much for everything”
Soo, HCC May 2017 Grad, RN

“Hello! This is Yurie. I GOT a job!!!!! I am working at oncology unit at Saint Agnes Hospital. Actually, it happened very quickly after you helped my resume. I went to the job fair at Saint Agnes 4/10 and got an offer 4/13!! Thank you so much!!”
Yurie, RN, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“I was just offered a position on the ICU-step down unit at NorthWest Hospital. I actually have been offered and accepted a position on the Surgical ICU at GBMC! Thanks for your help with my resume! I had so many interviews and call backs even before I took my NCLEX!”
Jazmin, HCC May 2017 Grad

Hello! I am short of words. I don’t know how to appreciate you. Took the Nclex yesterday and just checked now. I passsssss. OMG. Yes I pass thanks to you. Thank you thank you thank you. Answered 96 questions OMG. Thank you and definitely I will spread the news. I read the whole work book. The one on one gave me more confident even though I doubted myself to the point that I thought of rescheduling it. Thank goodness I did not. Your style of answering priority questions is the best. I use…. Just like we did in class, I also utilize… I answered floater nurses with a smile on my face. I don’t know how to appreciate you. I will log on Facebook definitely and write a review. You are the best. Thank you very much. You lifted a heavy load off my head. My anxiety was off the roof though lol Anyways I pass and I am very happy. Thank you very much for your guidance.”
Geraldine, RN, Towson May 2017 Grad

“Thanks again for everything and your support these past few weeks. I received a 1040 [on the HESI exit exam]!!! I just had to stick to your strategies and trust the process. I thought it was easier, or it’s because I studied so much. I just wrote down [your strategy] and used it for questions that were about … I focused on the important deets in the question and priority. I kept reciting as if it were you lecturing ???? Finally a nursing school graduate. Now to tackle NCLEX with your support of course.”
Karla, HCC 2017 May nursing graduate

“Thank you so much for all of your help. When I failed the first two times, I was a little discouraged and anxious. You still met with me and supported me all the way through. I redid your workbook three times so I could memorize it and memorize your strategies as well. When I pressed the submit button at the end I was so surprised when I saw a 1078 [HESI exit exam] on the screen. I’ve never done so well on a hesi exam throughout nursing school. I’ve always gotten below an 850. From my last hesi score of 825 you helped pass me with flying colors. I am still in shock but your strategies do work!
Thank you so much again for everything and will definitely see you for nclex review.”
Diana, HCC 2017 May nursing graduate

“I just wanted to let you know I got an 87.65% on the Fundamentals HESI (969.00) and I passed the first semester! Our class average was an 809 and the national score was an 838. Thank you for all your help (tutoring and HESI help session)!”
Jessica HCC Nursing Student

“Hello! How have you been? I wanted to thank you for all the advice and help you gave me and supported me through this hard past week. I must have sent you a million emails and you answered all of them in a timely manner always trying to make me understand things better. I went from a score of 746 to 927 within a week of studying mainly your stuff. I was going through a lot personally but I was able to pass this exam, it is terribly difficult but with all of your strategies along with many prayers from many people after three hours and 58 minutes I completed this exam. I
used your book a lot and honestly it is amazing I rewrote things in three diffirent colors depending on the chapter and all the tips for remembering things stuck throughout. I even drew a whole one page chart with all your strategies about 7 times to make sure they were in my head.
Again, thank you for all the amazing support.”
Karine, HCC May 2017 Grad

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed the HESI last night with a score of 1012! I did lots of practice questions and re-read packets you gave us for the Med Surg intro session from January to refresh my memory for the knowledge questions. Thank you for all your help during my nursing school years! I am so math illiterate, and those dosage exams were the hardest part for me, but just one dosage calculation group with you really saved me and got me through each test. So, thank you!!! And….Thanks for all your help with my resume and cover letter….. offered me a job last week. ….. also called me for an interview and I interviewed with them on Wednesday, waiting to hear on their decision. THANK YOU!”
Emilie, May 2017 HCC Grad

“I made it 922 on the HESI exit! I was not feeling too great about the test, it was much different than all the other exams/HESIs we’ve taken and I felt very unsure about the content! But I found myself using your strategies many times and I have no doubt they saved me! As soon as I got into the exam I wrote down your strategies and used them accordingly. As the test progressed, it became much easier to look at my sheet of paper with the strategy and see which answer they were looking for! Your strategy works wonders! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and my class this semester. I’m so relieved it’s over and I’m excited to GRADUATE!!! Here’s my score report, please let me know what I can keep working on to ensure passing my NCLEX, I plan on coming to your review session for that after graduation!”
Nichele, HCC May 2017 Grad

“I am so ecstatic to say that I officially passed my RN Exit Hesi with a 927 (FIRST TRY) thanks to your method and program! I was so scared of Hesi, like literally freaking out. You not only taught me how to breakdown the different types of questions, but you eased my anxiety with such optimism and encouragement. I only studied THREE DAYS before taking the exit exam and your method WORKS! The NCLEX does not seem scary at all anymore. Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am!”
Brittany R., RN, HCC May 2017 Grad

“Just wanted to let you know with just only 2 days of studying and your amazing strategies, I passed my exit hesi exit with a 988! I really cannot thank you enough for all of your helpful tips. Throughout this entire program, you have helped me so much and it is greatly appreciated! I will definitely be attending your NCLEX refresher review!”
Jazmin, HCC May 2017 Grad

“I made it today! I got 1112 on the hesi exit using the old skills u thought me during med surg. Thank u so much for all ur help. I guess I need to catch u at sometime for nclex. Thank u! I appreciate u”
Esther, HCC May 2017 Grad

“Thank you! 944 on the HESI Exit, you’re the best!!”
Lauren, HCC May 2017 Grad

I Am so excited. I passed the NCLEX on the first try! I can’t thank you enough. I am so glad you came to Stratford. You’re the best instructor and human being to come across for the past months. Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge and helping me focus on the goal. You’re inspirational and will remember your for the rest of my life. Thank you!!! ????”
Hamdi, RN
Stratford University, December 2016 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX. I followed your strategies and everything you taught us. Your method worked perfectly. Thank you so much . I have referred a couple of my friends to you. I will start working on May 15th at University of Maryland Medical Center. Thanks and have a nice day.”
Antonina, RN
Towson University, 2016 Grad

“I have not even graduated yet and the resume is working! I am getting job offers. Can’t thank you enough!”
Jazmin, HCC May 2017 Grad

“I wanted to tell you, I passed my boards!!!!! I got into the 200’s and I wasn’t paying attention to which number I ended on. BUT I passed, so the
amount of question I had to answer doesn’t matter! Thanks to you and your strategies, I felt so much more confident walking into the boards even with my test anxiety. I really want to thank you for all your guidance, practice questions and notes. You really helped me succeed! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!Wahoooo!”
Ashley F., RN
HCC May 2016 Grad

“I PASSED the HESI exit exam!!!!!! I got a 999. I’ll send you my score report shortly! Thank you so much for your help! Everything you said worked! With only 4 days to study after your review and my 3rd attempt I did it! Wish I had found you sooner!”
Fatmata, Norfolk State University May 2017 Now graduate!

“Looked up my license number and it’s there. I think I only went to 75 questions! I was just telling my professor, who is also the nursing educator in the emergency department where I’m going to work, about all the help you have me and my classmates. We are so lucky you came to Stratford!”
Jamie, RN
Stratford University Dec 2016 Grad

“I took your course in January. my friend Briana and I were both repeaters. Just wanted to say thank you for everything. This was my 3rd time taking nclex and with your strategy I finally passed! Without your strategy I don’t know what I would have done. I just took it on march 25th and when I left out I had already knew I passed. With having a new baby and working full time it was super hard trying to study but I did it! You gave me so much confidence. I can not thank you enough. “
Cerrell, RN
Bowie Grad

“I’d like to take the time to inform you that I passed my boards. It only took me about 77 questions! Thank you for providing me with the additional tools to conquer the beast.”
Laquonda (Shawn), RN

“Whoo hoo. You are awesome. Your help, encouragement, kinds words and honest opinion helped me get over this NCLEX hurdle. Most of all you are a beautiful person inside and out. You care about your clients. I can never thank you enough. Your strategies rock! I just had to pick myself up and get it together and I DID!”
Barbara, RN
HCC 2014 Grad

“I took my NCLEX exam on tuesday feb 28th. thank God I listened to your advice. I passed with 96 questions in exactly 3 hours. thank you so much, you are the best. and there is no way i would have made it if not for the…….strategy.
God bless you.
Princess, RN
Radians 2016 Grad

“Hi! Just wanted to let you know I passed the nclex first try!!! Thank you for all of your help these last two years!! Couldn’t have done it
without you!
Andrea, RN, HCC Grad Dec 2016, RN

“I can’t believe it!!!! I just got my best grade ever in nursing! 86! I’m so excited and can’t thank you enough (for the mother baby tutoring session). .. These sessions before the exams are working great! I can’t wait until the next session. Thank you so much. I did see many of the other students. Most were very upset! It feels so good to be on the other side! You are truly the best!”
HCC pending 2018 RN grad

“If you looked on the Maryland Board Of Nursing you will see my Name and license number!!!! Thank you for all your help. From all the way back from med. surg 1 to the NCLEX your tutoring and strategies were most helpful.”
Sarah, RN, HCC Grad Dec 2016, RN

“I wanted to let you know that I got an 80 on my (Med surg 1) test today!”
HCC pending 2018 RN grad

“I passed in 75 questions, Feb 14th!!!!Thank you so, sooo much…I will be sending a testimonial in the next few days, (perhaps one for hesi & one for NCLEX actually).Really glad I listened to my friend who recommended you. :)”
Katie, RN, HCC Grad Dec 2016, RN

“Thank you so much for todays review session (for Med surg 1). I can study and understand what i am going over now. I am a visual/auditory learner, and you nailed it! Awesome! I can still hear you and see your drawings as i go over this! Yeah! Gonna spread the word!”
HCC pending 2018 RN grad

“The NCLEX… Most stressful time of my life. I was very slow/taking long time for each questions. You won’t believe I spent 4 and half hours for less less than hundred questions!!! I think my exam stopped at around 90….100…..I just used the PVT trick, got good pop out. and today I am officially a “Registered Nurse”. VBON website-look up license can provide result even in less than 24 hrs!! I am going to talk about you with two of my friends today [????] . For now I’m just catching up my breath and getting calm.
Thank you!”
Diptina, Stratford University Dec Grad, RN

“Took NCLEX today and I’m so anxious for the results!! I got 129qts. Spent almost 3hrs. ….
I feel good about it but just very nervous to find out. I did everything as you said. Got plenty of rest and had a good breakfast so praying for a passing score!! ????I did it! My license number is up!! ????????????”
Cristina, HCC Grad Dec 2016, RN

“I finally took the ATI and passed. I read the books and used your testing strategies the ATI way and I did very well. Thank you for all your help. Now I can focus on the NCLEX.”
Rachel, Stratford University, December 2016 Grad

“Happy New Year! I wanted to share some great news with you. I’ve been offered a position in the PACU at George Washington University Hospital!! It was my first and only nursing interview, and I was offered the position the following day. I also plan to do their RN-BSN program in the Fall, and the hospital covers 100% tuition so long as I commit to work there 3 years after I finish. 🙂 Thank you for all your help, so I could make it this far!”

“Hello, Just wanted to let you know I got 97.25 on my care plan, 92.2 on HESI thanks go out to you!”
Tom, HCC, HCC 2017 pending Grad

“Hello, I did pass the HESI and used your method to help me through it [before we had to take Kaplan]. I want to thank you for taking your time out and helping. I got an 982 on the HESI! That is the highest I have scored on HESI ever…I know I haven’t cross the finish line yet. But feels great to be finished with school! Kaplan did confuse me and I have been going back into the work book just making sure I don’t some how put Kaplan’s method into yours. Lol
Again Thank you so much,”
Kristen, HCC Grad Dec 2016

“Got a B in both Med Surg and Mother Baby! Thank you for all your help, you are a great tutor!!!!”
Racquel, HCC Summer 2017

“Dear Virginia, Med surg HESI was a 1045!!! and this is so wonderful again……., I topped the class with mother baby HESI of over 1200, which converted to 99.99%. I will surely send you a screen shot of both scores. I thank God for everything. You are amazing and I say a very big thanks to Sine Strategies.”
Cynthia, HCC Summer 2017

“I got a 1207 converted to 99% on my Mother baby hesi!!! Thank you so much for your help!”
Alycia, HCC Summer 2017

“Only 6 days to study, I passed my HESI exit exam on the first try! Thank you”
Sarah, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“Hi Virginia!! I wanted to let you know I got a 942 on the Hesi!! I’m so happy! Thank you so much for all of your help I wouldn’t have made it without you! You’re the best! Yes I definitely used what you taught and it helped!”
Andrea Disogra, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“Omg! I passed with my HESI exit. First attempt!”
Daniella, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“Hi Virginia, I scored 85% on the last medsurg exam today. Thank you soooooooooo much.????????????”
Cynthia, HCC Summer 2017

“I got a job!! I was offered at job at Surburban Hospital and I start this month!! Thank you for all your help with my resume!! You’re awesome!”
Reba, RN HCC Aug 2016 grad

“I did it! I passed the NCLEX! Your method is solid! I used it all the way thru the exam. I took it Tuesday. The exam was so challenging. My 75th question … the machine shut down. The questions were so hard. I was unsure how I would do but then I remembered u telling me that..I am so happy I found you and your method. It gave me great confidence. It was so great going in with such a precise “game plan”. The questions can be so tricky but the method keeps your head uncluttered. Thank you!”
Kate W., RN HCC Aug 2016 grad
First timer

I totally forgot to inform you that I passed the NCLEX on September 29 first attempt! So happy I didn’t mess up your passing percentage????. It stopped me at 75 questions! Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work!
Reba D., RN, HCC Aug Grad
First timer

“Good afternoon, this is Dawn. I just want to let you know that I passed my NCLEX!! A huge thanks to you coz I wouldn’t have done it without all your help! I used all your strategies you thought us especially when picking which patient to choose first! I’m so glad I went to your class! Lol Again, thank you!”
Dawn M., RN, 2011 Grad from the Phillipines
2x repeater before this review

“I just got a 95% on my dosage test thanks to your help!”
Kathy HCC Med Surg 1 student

“I just wanted to let you know that I took my NCLEX yesterday and was shut off after 76 questions. I was willing to take as many questions as
necessary, but a surge of disappointment came over me when I got to question 76. I left thinking I had failed for sure, but today my license has
posted!!!! I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to help us!! You’re strategies definitely work!! Now to find me a job (but I’m sure
it wont take long using the resume you helped me with!!)”
Becky, RN, HCC August 2016 Grad
First time

“Results came. Passed NCLEX in only 75 questions! Thank you so much U r the best!
Maha, RN, HCC August 2016 Grad
First time

“I was calling to inform you that I passed. The 48 hour unofficial results are posted on NCSBN. I just now checked. I passed. I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough for this. Thank you very very much, What you taught me was exactly what I was missing all the previous times. 8 times, Kaplan, Hurst, even U world was not enough. The first time after your review and I did it!”
Sareena, RN, Washington Adventist May 2015 Grad
8x repeater before this review

Glory be to God; I passed Nclex with 83qs. I want to thank you for all help you have given me through this journey. Before I started, I wrote down what you taught me: …. and everything was coming to my mind. I can never thank you enough. I ask God’ Blessings upon family and upon your business. Thank you once again.
Gina C. RN, 2014 DC Grad
2x repeater

I know my reply is late but I did want you to know your class helped. On my MS Comprehensive HESI i scored a 1053(92.45%)and Peds HESI i scored a 933(83.83%). Thank you soo much for your help,
Victoria D., Global Nursing Student

Good Afternoon! I took the NCLEX last friday, aug 26 I am very happy and ecstatic to tell you that I finally Passed the NCLEX @ 265 questions. I thank you very much for all you help and advice. I wouldn’t make it without your help and your strategies. Thank you very much. Almost 10 years in the making! So glad I found you! Thank you very very much! After 7 attempts, I thought I had no hope anymore, but with your strategies and review; it really gave me the confidence and knowledge to pass NCLEX, and I thank you for that. Yes, I told some friends about how great your review is. My license is posted in the MBON website now, but it is still inactive. It says that I need to submit 1000 hours of nursing practice or I should go to a refresher course. Right now I am looking a refresher course. Thank you very much Ms. Virginia!
Samantha M., RN
2007 Phillipine Grad

I wanted to let you know that I passed the NCLEX in 85 questions! I’m honestly still in shock that this happened. Even with the …. I walked out feeling like I failed the NCLEX. In my opinion it was such a difficult test and there was such an uneasy feeling with every question, but I’m glad I went to you multiple times. I just had to trust myself and the strategies. I have to thank all of your strategies you taught and confidence boost you gave me in the days leading up to this moment. I know you had a great part in this and I truly appreciate it.
Thank you,
Sarah H., RN
Global Health Grad March 2016

Hello Virginia, thank you. Obviously I was in panic mode, but I made it with 75. I started my new job today so you can imagine how excited.
Salma, HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Thank you so much! I’ve been meaning to email you and tell you I used the … strategy. All of my questions were what you said they would be! Thank you for the tutoring, you are amazing!
Trecya J. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Hi Virginia!! Thank you!! Yes I wanted to get it over with ASAP! I unfortunately got about 215 questions it was terrible. Although, I kept remembering you said….! I got a bunch of priority questions like you had warned us and I used your tips for those! At the beginning I did a couple Kaplan practice exams but I thought their rationales were weird so I stopped using it. I also used your workbook again and reviewed it a lot! Thanks again!
Milena U., HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Hey Virginia,
I’m super happy I am done with HCC and nursing school in general !! I started at Mercy on a medsurg progressive / telemetry floor and I love it. I want to thank you for helping me get through the program I couldn’t have done it without you!!! Thanks so much,
Megan W. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Thanks soo much..i passed in 75 questions..i was so shocked when my screen went out..and I just knew I was going to retake..but to my surprise..i passed… I absolutely did not use kaplan. To be honest, I reviewed your testing method, and priority and delegation method just before going in, and just prayed for the best. Though the exam wasn’t hard, it was a bit uncertain. A lot of what I got, I had noo idea what they were talking about, but I tried not to get caught up in that, and tried to fig out what
the questions were actually asking. I’m glad it is over!
Thanks for everything,
Krystal Lee, RN HCC May Grad 2016

I passed I had 75 questions. I mainly used what you taught me ……it was there very time. You definitely helped me pass this exam and gave me faith in myself! I had two questions that needed to be put in order. So I didn’t use the decision tree because I thought it was crappy and confused the heck out of me. I did use Uworld, I thought it was nice but i felt like it was harder than Nclex at times. I did however use ncsbn texting practice questions. And it was exactly like nclex and definitely helped me.
Thank you so much,
Christine B. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Hii:) Yes I took my test two weeks ago and passed in 75 questions! I did use what you taught me…. I reread all my questions a few times to make sure I understood the concept. For prep I did all the Kaplan qbank questions and ordered the RN mastery app on my Phone which was super convenient. I actually start my job tomorrow at mercy medical center on a med surg/ telemetry unit and I can’t wait:)
Christin F. HCC May Grad 2016, RN
Sent from my iPhone

“Hi Virginia, this is Christina from the HCC tutoring group last week. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my HESI with a 1072, placing in the 97th percentile. I don’t think I could have done that without going to your tutoring sessions. Thank you so much for everything!”
Christina, Aug 2016 HCC Grad

“I passed the exit HESI! Score of 1056. I am so relieved. Your method is rock solid.”
Kate W., HCC Aug 2016 Grad

“Hello! I had the baby after your review and I still made it! I Took my NCLEX yesterday and passed with 75 questions. Thank u so much!”
Ashley G., RN, Coppin State 2016 Grad

“Hope your summer is going well! I just found out this morning that I passed my NCLEX the first time!! Seriously that was the longest 48 hours of my life to wait for the results. Your …..strategy saved me! I got 140 questions on the NCLEX. I realized as I was sitting there taking it that when I hit 75 questions I had went way too fast. That’s when I was like “OK…remember Virginia said take a deep breath your still in the game your just not there yet and slow down” I tend to be a faster test taker, I hit 75 questions in an hour (which I know is too fast) So I re-adjusted and the computer shut off at 140! I also wanted to inquire about you and I going over my resume.”
Dani T., HCC May 2016 Grad, RN

“OH MY GOSH! I GOT A JOB! I got hired at HCGH on the JAS unit for their fellowship program. I could not be any happier. It’s crazy how everything happened so quickly. Thank you so much for your help in getting me through these last few months with NCLEX and my resume/cover letter. I’m right where I want to be.”
Thank you,
Erika P., HCC May 2016 Grad, RN

“Thank you so much for everything!!! I passed in 75 questions! I did not touch Kaplan (other than what HCC required me to do). I absolutely used your methods! I used the marker board to write down as much as I remembered of your strategies (…, and probably some others I’m not remembering now). Thank you!”
Maire P., HCC May 2016 Grad, Now RN

“Woo Hoo!!! I just found out I passed my NCLEX!!! I had 76 questions and walked out feeling like I failed it was so hard! All I used was what you taught me and practiced on a Saunders Q bank. I didn’t even touch the Kaplan q-bank or any of their materials and didn’t pay attention in the review course I just didn’t want to get myself confused! Thank you for everything the past two years I wouldn’t have gotten through school or have gotten such an awesome job without you!!”
Emily S., RN, HCC May 2016 Grad

“Hey Virgina just wanted to let you know I passed my RN exit hesi with a 1052 a 91% score:)) yayyyy. Thanks for all the help it paid off. Your methods really worked thank you for all the help!!!”
Christin F., HCC May 2016 Grad

Hi Virginia,
Hope you are doing well. This is Stella, I took your review on May 6th and 7th. Just wanted to let you know I passed my Nclex this past Monday 🙂 I had 98 questions and the tips you gave along with some of the information from your workbook really helped me. Thank you for your help and guidance!
Chamberlain of Virginia, 2016 Grad

Dear Mrs. Sine,
I am emailing you because I took my NCLEX at the end of April and I PASSED!!! Even though I was not able to do your review class for the NCLEX… I still remembered everything you taught during the HESI exit review class and tried to use each one during my exam. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!
Mazee Ndeta, RN
Global Health March 2016 Grad

“I would recommend Sine Strategies to anyone preparing to take the NCLEX. It helped me view the test in an entirely different way. Instead of looking at it through purely strategy and memorization, you helped me use my critical thinking skills and everything I’ve learned so far to make the right decisions (pick the right answers). I feel like a more knowledgeable and confident nurse after taking your course– and best of all, I passed the test! The first time (before this review) I took 265 questions and failed. I was shaking and felt like I needed to get out of the testing center After I failed, I have never been so upset. I never really struggled in school and I just felt so disappointed in myself- I didn’t know what happened. The second time around, your strategies and words of encouragement helped me to CALM down, which can definitely make or break you in this test. I ……. After your content and strategy review even my Kaplan qbank scores went from 40s-50s to 70s-80s. During the test I could actually visualize parts of your workbook to help me answer the questions and create ….. To anyone who feels discouraged, I say take this Course! It’s the best possible way to spend your money and trust me you will be sooo happy you did once you see your license number! You got this far- you can do it!
Towson University, 2015 Grad

“Good morning Mam, this is Eric. I passed my Nclex-RN with 75 questions! Thanks to .., the only right way. Again, thank you everlastingly. Already recommended so many friends, and even total strangers from the White Oak library. Will be on campus next week for more candidates. Again, thank you Mam everlastingly, you made a big difference in my life you can’t imagine. Now I’ll be able to care for my 9year baby girl, and family back home, and go for the officer program in the Navy… you made Nclex so easy! All I did was reading and memorizing every page of your book, and it was very critical and instrumental in so many occasions (100%). I still remember the last question, question #75: priority….. used your way and the screen went blue! I couldn’t believe it, I knew I got it Right, I knew from the previous questions, I was killing it…I have a bottle of champagne for you Mam!”
Eric W., RN, Montgomery College May 2015 grad

Hi Virginia!
Just wanted to let you know that I did the workbook and followed the method and I did well on the HESI exit- got an 1107! Thanks for all your help!
Kate V., HCC Accel July Grad 2015

“Hi Virginia. I passed my boards in 90 questions. Because of you I am a RN today. Thank you for everything!”
Pearl, RN, Florida

“Sine! I am so happy to report that I passed the exit HESI with a 932! I’ve always had the hardest time identifying what the questions was asking of me, but after going to your review, I know exactly how to tackle them. Thank you!”
Maria V., HCC Accel July Grad 2015

“Well I am VERY HAPPY to report that I got a 983 on the hesi exit exam!!! I took my time (tried to) and still got out in 145 minutes. Thank you thank you!! And yes I did the workbook completely and reviewed it 3 times like you said 😉 and did a million evolve questions.
So happy!”
Katie S., HCC Accel July Grad 2015

“I did it! I passed the NCLEX! After working with you, I got all NEAR passing and the clock ran out on me. That is the BEST I had ever done. So I went and practiced questions and did your workbook and really studied the knowledge you gave me. And I did it! 90 questions!!!”
Sharrhonda D., RN, Morgan State Grad

“Hi Ms. Sine, my name is Carol Madueke (student of Global Health College). I scored 1,041 in HESI exit and it’s my first time! Thank you so much. Your strategy was so helpful. Your work book is a great tool.You Rock!”
Carol M., Global Health July 2015 Grad

“Hello Virginia,
My name is Aaron and I am from your May study group. I wanted to thank you for your review and let you know I passed my NCLEX 5 days ago. I noticed you review improved my kaplan scores significantly, and was able to average over the kaplan recommeded score range for the qbank. Most of my categories I scored over 70% with some as high as 77%. This was my 3rd attempt at the NCLEX. Im am absolutely ecstatic and suffered an immediate surge of dopamine at the time i realized i passed….lol….Keep doing what your doing! Thanks again! p.s, Your prioritization strategy is certaintly a game changer. I was honestly wishing I had prioritization during my last 2 NCLEX attempts.”
Aaron A., RN, BSN
Pitt Nursing

“Thank you so much! I am so gratefully that they are giving me this chance. Katie is the director of the center. She is also HCC alumni and used your services for NCLEX. Small world! I could not be more grateful for all of your help Virginia! I had been applying at Patient first since I graduated. Once you revamped my resume and I submitted it, within two weeks they were calling me trying to find a position to put me in. THANK YOU!!”
Amanda E., RN

I thought you should be one of the first to know that it is official…I passed the boards!!!!
I got …. questions but have to say that after 75 I did not panic as much as I thought I would. I kept on hearing your words in my head that if you are still getting questions, you are still in the game. I also did not totally freak out after 75 when I kept on getting…..questions. Again I could here your words that …… are a good sign. I am amazed at how calm I was able to remain due to all the great advise you gave me.
From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for ALL your help over the past 2 years. Your strategies really do work and I will continue to recommend you.
I will stay in touch and hope everything is great in your world.”
Lisa W., RN, HCC May 2015 Grad

“This is my score, 1217 or 99.99% on the Exit HESI. So glad I found you before my third attempt! I pass it on my 3rd time. Thank you so much, words can’t explain my gratitude. You are amazing. I hope I got money to come see you for NCLEX lol.”
Kenderlate A., Coppin State University, BSN Grad May 2015

“I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions!! I’m so glad I’m finally done with the NCLEX, but I know that learning doesn’t stop here:) I used your test taking strategies especially in answering the management of care questions. I got a lot of those!!!”
Katherine M., RN, Radians Nov 2014 Grad

“The HESI maternity content was really good, but your strategies really helped me on the Hesi I passed maturity and i will contact you again for pediatrics thank you so much Ms Virginia. I got 899!”
Martha, Radians Dec 2015 Grad

“I passed Ms Virginia. Thanks a lot the strategy book was all I used and I made it. My appointment with Jonathan was a confidence booster and am glad I did. I got 75 questions…..”
Esther, RN, Global Health Nursing School, May 2105 grad

“Hi my teacher just told me I did outstanding in the HESI maternity exam. I got a 100%!!!! Thank u so much for ur help. U will be seeing more of me now!!!!”
Mariama, Radians Dec 2015 Gra

“I passed! 75 questions! I did everything you told me to and passed the first time! Thank you soo much!”
Michelle B., RN, Global Health Nursing School, May 2105 grad

“Good morning ma’am. I got a hit on the resume in less than 8 hours! I just had and interview and….Praise God Mrs Virginia. I got the job. They called me that I’ve been hired. God is faithful. Yes ma’am, less than 48hrs I got in job after you helped me with my resume. My old one had been out there since before December and I never got a call. I am so excited! Thank you so very much for all ur help”
Ope, RN, BSN

“I would like to thank you for all your help this semester. I passed both of my hesi’s. Med Surg 944 and Mother Baby 1088. Have a good summer and I’ll see you for N240.”
Nikita, HCC 2016 Grad

“I passed this time in only 75 questions! Your strategy works, it works it works! Students need to listen to you. I knew right when I heard on the second day of the review, what I had done wrong. I used what you taught me and I passed the NCLEX! Thank you so much!”
Esther E., RN, BSN, Coppin State, 2015 grad

“Hello Virginia,
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you; however, I want to thank God first because he’s the greatest. I took my Board exam on April 8, 2015 and I passed after two attempts. I did other review before both attempts, but it didn’t help like sine strategies. Virginia, thank you thank you thank you for all your help. your strategies are the best and your workbook is beyond great. I read it over and over and over and I followed every step you thought me and it really helped. It worked like a magic so please, fellow students, listen to her and do as she told you. Don’t forget that God is on top of everything so, pray pray pray…………. Have faith and confidence. Know your materials, read the workbook, and apply sine strategies, you will be successful. Once again thanks for your help. Now I can say I’m officially BSN, RN
Helene A.N
Coppin State, RN, BSN Dec 2014 grad

“Good Afternoon Ms. Virginia, Three weeks ago I was so nervous when I took the HESI exit exam at my school any did really bad. With one week left for me to retake the HESI exam I knew I had to do something different. One of my classmates heard of Strategies from a co-worker and shared with me. I decided to look up this program and got registered right away. I don’t believe I would have made over 900 if I did not take this class, listen to everything Virginia taught us and implement the ” RITTTE” test taking strategies. I have never been so calm while taking an exam. I wish I had know about this program all along nursing school, my class grades would have been all excellent. I also meet with Virginia for a one on one session on Dosage and calculations and my grades went from a “0” to a 5 out of the 6 problems on the HESI exit exam. Go into the exams knowing you have the best and only test taking strategies you need to pass and leaving the panic and anxiety at the door. I recommend this program to all nursing student who seriously want to be successful in there nursing program and who want to pass the HESI and NCLEX exam on the first try. Thank you Ms. Virginia for assisting me in passing my HESI exit exam with over 900. I will be back for my NCLEX brush up soon. God Bless.”
Michelle B.
Global Health, May 2015 RN Grad

“Hello Virginia! This is Nikki from HCC 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NCLEX on the first try on March, 19th!! I wanted to let you know I had MANY of the types of questions you mentioned… and I specifically used your strategies you taught us back during the HESI/NCLEX review. Using your method helped me out tremendously and the acid/base imbalances chart you did really helped as well. I had the full 265 questions and it took me 5 hours to complete. Remembering …… also really helped clear my mind when I was getting anxious. I just wanted to say thank you so much and your strategies really do make a difference answering those difficult questions! Thanks for everything!”
Nikki J., RN!! 🙂 HCC Dec 2014 Grad

“Hello Mrs. Sine, I was frustrated at not getting any calls from submitting my resume. But since you helped me with my resume and cover letter, about 2 weeks later, I got calls and have been on several interviews. I have now started getting job offers. And right now I am choosing between the best two!! Again thank you so much for all of your help!”
Dawn T., BSN, RN

“Good morning ma’am. I had 265 questions. At the beginning I wrote all the strategies you taught us down and guess what when I started the questions I forgot using them. then holy spirit redirected me to what I wrote down on the white board i was given at the start of the exam, and then the game changed, and I started having select all that apply over and over, and I said God I know your hands is on this and I kept on having question, and I prayed in between and I had this conviction that since I’m still having more question then I’m still in the game like u always tell us. To the glory of God I checked mbon website yesterday and my number was there staring at me. I must tell you of a fact that those strategies worked! Thank God for your life. Really appreciate your effort and support. Everybody need to hear about you, thank God i trusted what God is doing through you. People don’t need to go and pay huge money for big review. I’ve told 2 of my friends already and they will contact you very soon. Ma’am those strategies work. like anything, Oh my gracious. God bless the work of your hands more and more in Jesus”
Ope, RN, BSN, Morgan State, May 2014 Grad

“Hi, Virginia, its Alysia…I got an 88 on my HMR fluid and electrolyte exam!! I am beyond happy! While everyone walked out of that exam upset, I felt confident with my answers. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you helped me with at our tutoring session! Everything that you told me, I was able to apply to the test! I will definitely be staying in touch to meet with you again! Thank you thank you thank you!”
Alysia W., Wesley College, Delaware, Class of 2016

“Hello all! To everyone who is considering on taking Sine Strategies for Nclex Prep, hopefully this will make your decision a lot easier. I’m going to first off saying that I am not a good test taker at all. I could never understand strategies and apply them correctly, BEFORE I took Virginia’s class. I took my school’s Exit Hesi multiple times, and I did not pass the NCLEX the first time after doing all 265 questions. A few friends of mine took Virginia’s class and told me that she is the real deal, and you won’t regret taking her. So I did as they said. I took Virginia’s class, and instantly saw why I was not passing exams. My strategies were wrong, and the way I was thinking through questions were wrong. I retook the NCLEX yesterday, 3 weeks after taking Virginia’s class to memorize the material she taught, and I passed! If you establish trust in Virginia, you will pass the NCLEX regardless of how many questions you get. I highly recommend Virginia to anyone who needs help with test taking strategies and content. THANK YOU VIRGINIA!!!”
Cecilia Garcia
Chamberlain Grad. Dec 2014

“I graduated this past May from Salisbury University and took Kaplan in June. After 3 weeks of watching all of their content videos and doing all 2000 questions in their qbank, I took the NCLEX and failed in 265 questions. After about 2 weeks of taking a break, I turned to a private tutor (who was actually my Kaplan instructor). I was tutored once, sometimes twice a week for 4 weeks, doing multiple practice questions and going over some content. I then attempted the NCLEX again in August and failed in 75 questions. After taking another 2 week study break and time to build my spirits back up, I took matters into my own hands and rented some NCLEX books out of the library. I practiced numerous questions from both online websites and out of these books; as well as keeping up on my content. After a month of doing this, I attempted the NCLEX once again in October and failed in 200 questions. I was highly discouraged at this point and knew something new and different had to be done. The only other thing I could think of was to take the Hurst class, but I knew content was not my weak point and that it was more of the actual test taking strategies that I was getting caught up on. I then talked to some of my friends about it and one of my friends told me her sister took a class about a year a half ago called Sine Strategies. She had failed the NCLEX 3 times and ended up passing on her 4th try after taking this class. So, I did some research on it, called Virginia for some more info, and signed up for her December class. I started learning all these new strategies, and after completing Virginia’s workbook and recalling it several times, I felt confident about going into the NCLEX; (AND, not to mention, Virginia is a phenomenal teacher). Then, about a week ago, I attempted the NCLEX for the 4th time (2 days before my birthday; no pressure right?) and ended up doing the full 265 questions and passed!! It was the best birthday/Christmas/New Year gift I could have asked for and I can’t thank Virginia enough! Her class was truly a blessing.”
Requesting to stay Anonymous, RN, Salisbury, May 2014

“Hi Virginia, Just wanted to update you after we got together [for resume and cover letter help]: I got calls back on both jobs I applied for and offers on both-I even got hired on the spot at HCGH! Of course I went with HCGH since I have always wanted to work there and think that will be best for my nursing career at this point in my life. Thank you for all of your help and most importantly reminding me to be confident in myself because I did have what they were looking for after all :)”
Kimberley N., RN

“I passed the hesi exit exam!!! 1034!!!”
Bianca D., Chamberlain of Virginia Nursing School, RN Graduate Dec 2014

“Hey Virginia! I took Peds Hesi a few hours ago and I got a 1147!!! 98.76%!! I am so happy, thank you!”
Vicki D., HCC 2015 RN candidate

“Hi Virginia, I’ve been attending your tutoring sessions for medsurg 1 (taken at HCC) since mid-late November and I also took the Hesi review. Your approach to teaching and your methods have really increased my understanding of the material by leaps and bounds. I feel much more confident with the topics and the nursing process and it is certainly due to your strategies. I ended up making a 1050 on the Hesi and and A in the class!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and desire to help nursing students succeed!!”
Kate V., Dec 2015 RN candidate, HCC

“I waited so long to take the boards. My ATT was about to expire, and I was not ready. But you told me to just go in and try. To not waste my $300 and just consider it the best practice test possible. You said to use it to practice your strategies. Well not only did I practice, but I also passed in only 80 questions. I am so glad I listened to you. Thank you for encouraging me.”
Kena D.-C., RN, HCC May 2014 grad

“Couldn’t of done it with out you Virginia ! Not only did you help me with test talking strategies , you manage to calm my anxiety which allowed me to put 100% into this test and passing in 75 questions !!!!! Anyone out there questioning to take up sine stratagies … Please take it , it’s a chance worth taking I promise you that and you won’t regret it . Just as nurse would Virginia doesn’t treat you like another customer but an individual human being . She learns your story , who you are and what you need to pass the nclex or any other nursing test . Thanks so much Va !”
Alexandra K., RN, HCC Dec 2013 Grad

“Hi, Virginia. I passed on the first go around! I have been working since June (first as a graduate nurse and now as RN) and it is my dream job. I am remiss in not contacting you and telling you how much your strategies meant in my passing. Thank you so much. I am happy to recommend you to one and all.”
Best, John O., RN, HCC May Grad 2014

“Thank you for the [Advanced Med Surg tutoring session] today!! I totally get endocrine now. You are awesome Virginia. Two 89.3’s so far on the exams. I attribute a lot of that to you.”
Emily V., HCC Dec 2014 RN Candidate

“Hi Virginia! I passed NCLEX! With all stuff going on w…, I was able 2 block out on exam day. Your strategies /helpful hints (relaxation tips) all work!! I would have NEVER have been able to do this w/o meeting you & your help!! My confidence was all shot after that N240 dosage calc. Then I met you. People have been keepingyou a secret. You are a true gem. I see that you love teaching, care about your students & excel at what you do. Thank you so much for everything! :)”
Maggie M., RN, Accel RN Graduate, HCC July 2014

“I just wanted to say thank you again so much for helping us with dosage, I got 100! Couldn’t have done it without you!”
Jonathan R., Dec HCC RN candidate

“Virginia,… I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in my journey to become a registered nurse, I passed the NCLEX on the 24th. I pretty much told myself that I could survive failing but needed to find out what passing felt like and that did the trick. I also told myself that I had the strategies to succeed. And I did! Thank you for your help.”
C. Shepard, RN, Dec 2013 HCC Grad

“Hi Virginia!! Yes I did take my boards and I passes the first time! I thought I sent you a text when I passed….”
L. Barnes, RN, HCC, May 2014 Grad

“Good afternoon Ms. Virginia,….. I’m soo grateful to have found your Sine strategy class; it’s opened my mind to why, when, how and ooooh! LoL. I look forward to learning, growing and taking it slow to prepare my mind and body for NCLEX. Have a great weekend. Thank you for implementing this program, it’s helping me in so many ways of answering questions, CORRECTLY, ….. I’m telling myself it’s a step-by-step progress, and I can do it… It’s Not a sprint! Thanks for re-directing my way of thinking. I really pray Morgan students get an opportunity to take advantage of your expertise. Take care.”
T. Williams, Morgan State University, BSN Grad, RN candidate

” originally took Sine Strategies for an ATI review in January, but also left with some amazing tips to succeed on the NCLEX. I just took my NCLEX three days ago & passed with only 86 questions. Mind you, I had Virginia teach me her strategies about 8 months ago. Meaning, that I had to go back to my old notes (from January) and go over some of her testing strategies & acronyms, many months later. They were very helpful. Virginia does a phenomenal job of explaining the essential things you need to know to be successful on the NCLEX. She definitely challenges you to think outside of the box & that’s what I loved most about her review course. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is having any difficulty whatsoever. Thank you for contributing to my success!!
M. Choi, RN, BSN, Coppin State University May 2014 Grad

“I can’t believe it! I really thought that I failed. I went to look on the board of nursing website and saw my license number. And because I was still in shock I went to pearson website and paid the 8 to get the unofficial results and it also said that I passed!!! (in only 75 questions!)
Thanks you for everything!!”
N. Ford, RN, CCBC May 2014 Grad

“Sorry for the delay. Passed NCLEX in June on the first attempt. Virginia’s NCLEX prep strategies were very helpful. I’d go into more details, but I can’t give away her secrets for free lol. Worth the money, and easily better than Kaplan’s NCLEX prep. Thanks V!”
J. Smith, RN, HCC May 2014 grad

“Hello Virginia. I thought you would like to know I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions in large part to your test taking strategies and the review sessions you hosted throughout my nursing education at Howard. I am grateful for your efforts and would recommend to you to anyone in need of nursing instruction/NCLEX review. Thank you very much.
F. Devarona, RN, May 2014 HCC Grad

“I spoke to you earlier, but I have to post on your page to thank you again for all of your help these past two years! I couldn’t have done it without you. You are the reason why I have my BSN and starting from yesterday my RN license! & on the first try? Woohoo! I seriously cannot thank you enough! I’m so grateful that God placed such a great person (you) in my life when I had no one else to turn to. Thanks again! :)”
N. Townsend, RN, Bowie State University Graduate May 2014

“I just wanted to let you know that I am officially a registered nurse!!!!! I passed the NCLEX-RN in 80 questions!! I just want you thank you for everything, this time I went in and [did what you suggested] and look it worked!! Thank you for working with me I appreciate it so much!! I am so glad that I trusted you!! This is such a relief and I have never been so happy! …I am just glad this is over and I can start my career now! Thank you again!!”
J. Gerbrick, RN, BSN, Towson University

“I Passed!! What made a difference was utilizing the strategies you thought me. Also I wasn’t nervous at all this time. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been a blessing from God”
R. Pierre, RN, BSN, Morgan State University, 2012 Grad

“Virginia’s NCLEX strategies rock! She tutored a group of us through MedSurg I and II and we all made it through nursing school. I took her NCLEX/HESI review and scored a 92 on the HESI and passed the NCLEX 1st try in 75 questions. There is no doubt she made a huge difference in my testing skills.”
H. Campbell, RN, May 2014 HCC Grad

“Thank you so much for all your help and strategies. It is what helped me to make it through nursing school and pass the NCLEX on the first try. Your the best! I highly recommend nursing students out there to approach you for help with nursing school and make life easier on themselves.”
A. Desai, RN, HCC, May 2014 Graduate

“Virgina is a true angel. She is soo understanding and is an awesome teacher. She makes test taking easy..Lord knows I have test taking anxiety something terrible but Virginia talked me down and gave me breathing techniques that helped even with my asthma. Got the score I needed on the HESI and Advanced med surg with her help. She’s the bomb!!”
L. Greene, HCC, May 2014 Graduate

Hi Virginia….I took the boards yesterday and passed thank you for all your help you are the best”
L. Longus, RN, Coppin State University, May 2013 Grad

“1020! [on the HESI exit exam] 91.9% I used your strategy and studied the workbook. It really works, thank you so much for all your help.”
H. Campbell, HCC May 2014 Grad

“After a few attempts, I finally passed the NCLEX earlier this year. My problem was my nerves…….test anxiety. I knew I knew the content/material. I had to walk myself thru calming myself down…..LITERALLY! Glad that’s over, and now I can move forward. I used [your testing] method a lot and indeed paid attention to whether I [was using your strategies]. The computer cut off at 113…..and I wanted to cry, because I knew for sure that a very high percentage of those ???s I had answered correctly! Ironically, my test date was 1/13, and I had 113 questions, which is also my birthday…..HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE! I’ll c u on Monday the 19th for resume help!”
S. Cooper, BSN, RN, Morgan State University, May 2012 Grad

“Hey virginia im doing great. Passed the nclex first try. It shut off at 80. I just started a GN program at Florida hospital on PCU. Thank you so much for everything!”
A. Gentile, Florida, RN

“100% on comp exam…thank you…thank you…thank you!”
K. Douglas-Wright, HCC May 2014 candidate

“Thank you!!! After I finished the ATI exit exam, my heart was racing while the results were uploading. I wanted to jump out of my chair when I saw those results lol. Oh my goodness, such a huge weight off my shoulders.”
N. Townsend, BSN candidate, Bowie State University 2014

“Hello Virginia. How are you. I Just wanted to tell you I passed the NCLEX I took it on Feb 28. I think the Hesi Review I did with you and studying hard helped me to pass the NCLEX. So I would like to Thank you for that. Also I referred some students at HCC to attend your review for the Hesi exam. Have a nice night.”
S. Mehari, RN, Dec 2013 HCC Grad