Prep for Med Surg 2 (Advanced Med Surg)

“”I am so glad I did this before Med Surg 2. It was a lot of information, but it really made sense and helped me so much once I started advanced med surg. This prep course is great! I would definitely recommend it. I helps with understanding all those tough concepts you will have in advanced med surg.”
Maire P., HCC May 2016 Graduate

Med Surg 2 (Advanced Med Surg) PREP DONE for spring! Check back in the summer for Fall Prep!
Get a good start for Med Surg 2 (Advanced Med Surg)! Your last course! We will go over all the concepts you need to remember and Understand to help you get through N240. There will be 2 days of prep, Prep I and Prep II. Each day will go over DIFFERENT content and will have different handouts. Try to make it to both! Email to RSVP and pay at the door with cash, money order, or credit/debit.

Prep I- Studying and Testing Skills for Med Surg, ABGs/Compensation, Electrolytes, Preload/Afterload, ABC’s of Cardiac Meds, Autonomic Nervous System, Electrical Conduction of the Heart/EKG strips

Prep II- Pituitary, Parathyroid/Thyroid, Adrenals, Larynx, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Reproductive, Labs: CBC and Bleeding Times, Studying, Autoimmune

Linden Hall, Dorsey Hall Community Center, 4765 Dorsey Hall Dr, Ellicott City, MD 21042 Linden Hall is on the left side of the shopping center, behind the Shell Gas Station. Please park in the back and enter the back doors.

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We expect to reach the best price*! You may save your spot and register on-line NOW to make sure we have a seat and a handout for you!

Advanced Med Surg PREP

*Expected based on RSVP tally. Any change in group price will be collected first day of class. Encourage your friends to come to ensure the best price option!

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